The Infinity Computer is a new kind of a supercomputer able to execute numerical computations with finite, infinite, and infinitesimal numbers using a new numeral system with the infinite radix called Grossone® and expressed by the symbol ⓵

  • An analogy: Ancient Romans did not know about existence of zero and negative numbers. As a consequence, they were not able to execute computations requiring these numbers and such expressions as V-V or III-X were indeterminate forms for them. In modern computations 0 is indispensable and the work of traditional computers is impossible without zero and negative numbers.
  • The Infinity Computer makes a similar thing thanks to Grossone® making possible the passage from finite numbers to infinities and infinitesimals and allows consumers to work numerically with different infinities and infinitesimals as with finite numbers giving so to the consumers an unprecedented level of accuracy and power of computations that does not exist on the market.